After the treatment

Important instructions after a FUT treatment

Following an FUT transplant you should always follow our instructions (these can be found in the section Instructions & Paperwork and can be downloaded and printed out).
The instructions have a great influence on the healing process and the end result of the treatment and should be followed as closely as possible.

A short overview of the instructions:

Please follow the following recommendation in the first 2 weeks after the operation:

Removing stitches / staples:

Instructions for the first months after the transplantation:

Irritation of the sebaceous glands:
From about the third month onwards, you will start noticing new young hairs beginning to grow. This can cause irritation of the sebaceous glands and possibly small pimples. These are formed under the skin and can cause irritation. This is a sign of hair growth - these irritated places are where the new hairs are trying to make their way through the skin. If this irritation becomes too much to bear, you can try putting a warm compress on the affected areas for a few minutes. Please contact us for further help if this does not work well enough.

Hair Loss Shock:

A very small percentage of our patients suffer from so-called hair loss shock. This refers to the temporary loss of both healthy and transplanted hairs. These will however start growing again 3 - 4 months later. Hair roots are subject to a certain life cycle. This means that the lost hair may possibly not grow again when the end of the cycle has been reached. As a rule, the possibility of hair loss shock setting in is taken into account in the transplantation and has no negative effect on the end result.

A numb feeling:

Following an FUT transplant, a numb feeling can occur in the donor area. This will however gradually disappear of its own accord. In general, feeling returns to normal by itself 4 - 12 months afterwards.

Visible results:

Please be patient. It will take about 12 months for the results of an FUT to become fully visible and meaningful. Make a personal appointment with Dr. Feriduni for a check-up, as he is the only one in a position to assess the results. Some 4 - 8 months after an FUT, post-operation tests can be performed. 

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