Dense Packing and the One-Session Philosophy

Dense Packing and the One-Session Philosophy – for natural hair density

Natural hair density on a person's head is usually 60 - 120 hair root groups per square cm, though density varies in different parts of the scalp. It follows that hair density plays an important role in any hair transplantation.
The hair density achieved through hair transplantation is decisive in achieving an aesthetic natural-looking result. So-called Dense Packing involves implanting FUs in a certain density in a certain recipient area.

A personal decision: low, medium or maximum density

It is understandable that any patient will have his own wishes and objectives. However there are not always sufficient donor hairs to fulfil patient hopes. Using the right technique, an experienced hair surgeon will be able to create the optical illusion of high density with just a few hairs, using donor hairs as efficiently as possible.
A higher number of transplanted grafts does not necessarily mean greater naturalness, as hair density is not something that can be measured. Much more, it is subject to how it is seen. It is quite possible for a patient with excellent donor hair and a seemingly low density of about 40 hair root groups per cm² to achieve a result looking more natural than a patient with a much higher density and/or with worse donor hair.

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