Hair density

Hair density: differing from one patient to the next

The term "hair density" refers to the number of follicular units per square cm on the scalp. Average hair density of a healthy scalp varies from 60 to 110 follicular units per square cm. Hair density varies from one person to the next, meaning that it is not easy to establish natural hair density in hair transplantation.
The goal of any transplantation is to achieve an aesthetic result, looking as natural as possible.

To achieve this, the hair surgeon must not just know the patient's hair density at the moment of transplantation, but also needs to take into account future age-related hair loss. Dependent on the area of the scalp being treated, the hair surgeon will juggle with different densities to achieve the right density - the one best suiting the patient. This all requires a lot of time, patience, experience and talent. When hair becomes too sparse or alternatively when hair is too dense, the result can look unaesthetic.

What is the logical consequence? The success and quality of a hair transplant is to a great extent dependent on the quantity of transplanted hairs and how natural they look. The more grafts there are available, the more natural the result one can expect.
The high number of available grafts, the tiny size of the FUs and the use of a special incision technique (the Lateral Slit Method) allow grafts to be inserted much more densely (Dense-Packing). This in turn often means that only one transplantation session is needed (One-Session Philosophy). 

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