Dear Dr. Feriduni,

It's 9 months after the surgery already... it's the time to take a look at the result...- I am very very very satisfied !!!

I'd like to thank you for your perfect job. 

I am very happy again.

Thank You,


Dear Dr. Feriduni,

I would like to thank you, that you (and of course also your team) have restored the joy and happiness in my life. After I have been hiding myself for almost 10 years in my house, I have now the confidence again to go outside and feel good about myself. I have defeated my insecurities thanks to you!

Kind regards,


Hello dear Doctor Feriduni and Superlative Staff Members,
I just want to take a moment to thank You and the Staff for the great job done.
My transplant done mid of July is progressing well and after only 4.5 months I can see a very good result that probably will improve furthermore in the upcoming months.
I am really satisfied especially considering the number of transplanted follicular units that was about 1600.
Thanks again and may You and your Staff prosper and achieve all your life goals.
 Best regards,

Dr. Feriduni,
I returned back home with no drama yesterday. All went well. I would like to take this moment to thank you especially for your compassion, understanding your client and sensible approach to making plans happen, and also to your staff including Spencer who has been helping me since 2 years ago. Your team is to my mind in a class of their own, a premier outfit. My compliments.
I have built a profile which you can follow at 
under the name Bold Ronin. Still in progress but I hope I can give you the credit you deserve.
Many thanks and take care.


Hi again,
Just a quick email with my 6 month update and photos. I am very happy with how things have turned out and the change from month 3 to 4 was very big. Even though it's only 6 months, I feel as if it's almost the full result which is great. I'm aware I'll need some work done on the midscalp at some point in the future but it's not a concern at all and that's hopefully years away. I must mention I am also using the topical finasteride so hopefully that will help matters. 
A big thank you to all the team again. I am more than pleased with how it has turned out.
Kind regards,

Hi Dr Feriduni!
Hope you are well. Just wanted to update you on my 6.5 month progress.
The photos attached were taken this morning with absolutely no product in my hair. As you can see the hairline looks perfect and the density is better than I ever could have hoped for.
I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but it honestly is life changing. The biggest change I've noticed is walking in the wind and not caring about my hair blowing back! I can't tell you how great that feels.
You did an astounding job. Thank you so much.
Kind regards,


Thank you so much to the team of nurses and Dr Feriduni for the good work. I felt I was really in good hands all day long. I am very happy with my clinic choice.

I would especially like to thank Dr.  Feriduni for his generosity and kindness. I am pretty sure this surgery will change my everyday life.

I will keep you posted by sending you some photos.

Thank you again.


Dear Dr. Feriduni,
I am exactly 6 months after the HT,  please find attached some pictures of the new hair line :)
I just wanted to write again, that never, in my best dreams, i did not thought the result will be so good, choosing you as a doctor was one of my smartest decisions!!! the results I see on others are way far from the results you achieved with me (for my personal opinion),
I would first like to thank you doctor for the amazing work that have actually change my life (not only in the appearance but also in my confidence)
I would recommend everyone I can to use your brilliant services.
Hope to see you again one day.


Hi clinic team,


I'm just getting back to Italy from my holidays and I want once again say "THANKS A LOT" to Dr. Feriduni and all of you for his and your kindness, helpfulness and.... I don't know what else to say. No words, really.

Thanks again.


Dear dr. Feriduni,



With the benefit of hindsight I would like to thank you again for what you have done for me. Every day when I get up and wash my face in the morning I look at myself into the mirror and I thank to You in my mind, that I feel complete. That you have repaired what I had damaged on my lashes and the one eyebrow. I love it and I really think of you and bless you every single day. I just thought that it would make you happy to know that, therefore I decided to write you this short message. I wish you, your family and all the nice people working at your clinic the best from the depth of my heart. 


Have a beautiful day today and all the following!



Good Afternoon Dr Feriduni Staff
I underwent a FUT hair transplant almost 1 year ago, at the Ferduni clinic. 

I am very pleased with the results, and I would like to thank Dr Ferduni, and all the staff who work at the Clinic, for making my stay in Hasselt a pleasant one.
I am very pleased with my results and I am interested in undergoing a FUE procedure and maybe in transplanting hair onto my facial hair, I see this is possible on your website. 
thanks for your help, 


Dear Dr Feriduni

A big thank you again, too you and your staff, the results have given me such confidence and I'll  be forever great full to you all! for the great results achieved!

Kind Regards


Hi Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic,

Thank you for everything !! You all are amazing people!


Hi Dr Feriduni,

I have now arrived back home safe and sound. 

I would like to emphasise how grateful I am for the service you have provided. Your staff are excellent, and I have been extremely impressed by your bedside manner, surgical expertise, and post operative care. Your clinic is very well run, and when I come across senior surgeons such as yourself, it gives me more motivation to become a similar surgeon in my own field. Despite my nervousness, I felt completely at ease even after the pre-op consultation. I was very impressed with the length of time you spent with me during the pre and post reviews.

And the same goes for all the other staff - very professional and helpful.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable trip to Belgium.

With many thanks and kind regards.


Dear Feriduni team,


I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience and a highly professional result. Before my first FUE based transplantation, I was initially a bit nervous about the process. But what a surprise: This treatment was like a walk in the sun!

I want to thank you for an unexpected smooth and pain-free treatment, your dedication to detail and your perfectionism in execution, your seemless team play in combination with constant sunshine-like friendliness. I was also impressed by your incredible perfect organization from the first 'Hello' in the morning until I left the clinic, fully loaded with all required follow-up treatments, medication and a fool-proof plan :-).  My stay and treatment in your clinic was a pure pleasure!


Thank you so much!


Now, it will be my pleasure to recommend you accordingly.


​Kind Regards,


Daar ik op mijn 25e jaar al vroeg begon kaal te worden heb ik me verder verdiept in de mogelijkheden betreffende een haarimplantatie. Een vriend van mij attendeerde mij op de kennis en kunde van dr. Feriduni. Hij had hiervoor een behoorlijke periode alle mogelijkheden (klinieken/artsen) bestudeert zowel nationaal als internationaal. Gezien de ingreep zo belangrijk is en het resultaat zo duidelijk zichtbaar is hebben wij kosten noch moeite gespaard en gekozen voor de absolute top, de praktijk van Dr. Feriduni. Groeirichting en een “natuurlijke” look zijn ZO belangrijk dat ik graag iets extra uitgeef om dit garanderen bij een arts die passie heeft voor zijn vak en internationaal geroemd wordt om zijn kunde.
In alle opzichten doet Bijan Feriduni zijn naam eer aan, een uitgebreide incheck waarna een eerlijk advies volgt, een goede voorbereiding en volwaardige “after care”. Ik ben blij met de keuze die ik heb gemaakt en heb zodoende 2 keer gekozen voor deze geweldige kliniek in Hasselt (goed bereikbaar ook vanuit Nederland)
Veel dank !

Hello Dr Feriduni, Christian & all your team,
It's been 2 weeks today since my fue procedure,  I have healed very well, and have no complications to report.
I just wanted to email you all to sincerely thank you for your professional, friendly, welcoming and dignified reception you extended me.  In what was s fairly daunting undertaking for me personally,  I have to say everything about my experience was very positive. From my dealings with the hotel you recommended, taxi service, and most of all all my dealings with the clinic I always felt respected and treated service you might expect with top 5 star hotel.  
Thank you all very sincerely,  you literally have changed my life.
Thank you.
M. R.

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