Mega-Dense-Packing and the One-Session philosophy

Natural hair density through Dense Packing

Natural hair density does not just vary from one person to the next, but also from one area of the head to another. This is an important aspect needing to be taken into consideration if a hair transplant is to look as natural and aesthetical as possible. The logical consequence of this knowledge is that the success of an FUT is to a great extent dependent on how hair density is dealt with. The number of implanted FUs is not necessarily the primary factor here - of greater importance is an aesthetic and harmonious appearance. Dense Packing is the term used to refer implanting FUs in a certain recipient area in a certain density: medium or high/maximum-density.

The surgeon plays around with hair density, implanting donor hairs as sensibly as possible and doing his best to achieve a result looking as natural as possible. This attempt to mirror natural hair as far as possible is very patient-dependent, taking three factors into account: Donor hair is not always available in sufficient quantities to satisfy a patient's wishes. Using the right technique, an experienced hair surgeon will be able to create the optical illusion of high density with just a few hairs, using donor hairs as efficiently as possible.

Mega Dense Packing & the One Session philosophy: the best technique for optimal results

Modern techniques of extracting and implanting hair follicles allow results to look very natural and pleasing to the eye. Successfully transplanted individual hair roots and hair groups help to achieve this natural look. Hair density plays an important role here, offering the opportunity of achieving such naturalness. But there are also other factors such as hair thickness, hair structure, the number of hairs in a single follicle and the quantity of donor hair available determining the success of an FUT.
Mega Dense Packing is the term used to refer to implanting follicular units in a certain density in a certain recipient area. Such packing is done in just one session and has no negative effects on the patient's future appearance. In contrast to earlier hair transplantation techniques, Follicular Unit Transplantation allows well-prepared individual FUs to be inserted into tiny openings (incisions) very close together. In doing so, a high follicle density can be achieved in one or just a few sessions. This means that much more natural-looking hair density can be achieved without having to subject the patient to several operations.

The advantages of the One Session philosophy:

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