Customized blades

Customized blades – custom-built for patients

In an FUT, the extracted FUs are prepared and then implanted in tiny incisions. These can be formed by one of two possible incision techniques: These incisions are generally made using fine needles, scalpels or special blades, with either pin-pricks or tiny slits being made. The rule here is that the smaller the needles / blades are, the more accurately the follicular units can be placed. This in turn improves overall naturalness and harmony, contributing to the success of an FUT.

Customized blades – sharp, exact and custom-made

Customized blades are particularly advantageous, as they can be individually adapted to a patient's follicles and tissue structure. As with modern needles and scalpels, they ensure top results, as damage to tissue and the skin is kept to an absolute minimum. This in turn is the basis allowing implants to best take root.

Customized blades offer further advantages:

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