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Mirroring nature: achieving optimal and natural-looking hairlines

All patients want their hair transplant to be perfect - as does the hair surgeon carrying out the transplant. The main aspects of any transplantation: to make the result look as natural as possible, without it being obvious that the person has had a transplant - and to make the treatment as pleasant as possible for the patient.

Achieving a natural looking hairline is one of the most important criteria when selecting a hair surgeon - all patients want the end result to be positive, without it being noticeable that a transplant has been performed.

To achieve such naturalness, several aspects come into play. Knowledge of different techniques, experience, a meticulous style of working, artistic talent and three-dimensional imagination are needed to design a hairline looking as natural as possible. Also needing to be considered are the proportions of the face and the patient's wishes.


Planning the asthetic appearance

The beauty / aesthetic appearance of any face is to a great extent dependent on the harmony of its proportions. Not only one's own psychological satisfaction, but also the effect one has on other people, the choice of a partner and one's career prospects very often depend on our sense of aesthetics and beauty.

A special focus here is on the face and the interaction between the eyes, nose, mouth and hair.

This harmony, which we see as being beautiful and aesthetical, was already being underlined by Leonardo da Vinci centuries ago, as found in his studies of proportions and his Golden Ratio. The same is true for the Fibonacci numbers and their relationship to the Golden Ratio: we see a certain relationship between two numbers or sizes as an ideal proportion, as the epitome of aesthetics, harmony and beauty.

This applies to art, architecture - and to nature. With the face being part of nature, this also applies to the face, with the hairline in particular playing a decisive role in determining facial harmony. Where hair is missing around the hairline, we see the face as lacking in harmony. This explains the eminent importance of the hairline.

Recognising the principles of facial proportions requires a hair surgeon not just knowing these principles, but fully understanding them and being in a position to put them into practice, creating a result that looks completely natural without being noticeable as a transplant. 


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