Temporal angles

Part of the hairline: Temporal angles and Temporal peaks

The hairline at the side of the face frames the face, significantly contributing to the way the face looks, and playing a decisive role whether a person looks young, and whether we see the face as being beautiful. This means that a receding hairline and age-related hair loss around the temples can significantly change the facial harmony as we see it.

With the appearance of the person affected often felt as disadvantageous, this is why the design of the hairline at the side of the head - the temple angles and temporal peaks - is of great significance in any hair transplant. 

To gain the right hairline here (as is the case with the upper and middle hairline), individual FUs are implanted. The design of these temple hairlines demands a great amount of skill on the part of the hair surgeon. He must not just master hair transplantation techniques, but also have the requisite experience and artistic talent to achieve a result in which transplantation is not noticeable.

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