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The team surrounding Dr. Feriduni

Dr. Feriduni & his team – a guarantee for success 

Hair transplantation is a complex operation which Dr. Feriduni cannot carry out alone. It is a team job, and it needs to be borne in mind that a doctor is only as good as the team supporting him. The team at the Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic consists of established specialists who interact optimally with each other. In the case of Dr. Feriduni, the team consists of 7 medical and 3 administrative assistants, all helping Dr. Feriduni and at the service of the clinic's patients. 

The headcount is possibly not as important as the qualifications and experience each team member contributes, welding the team together into a high-quality and competent entity. Most of Dr. Feriduni's assistants have been working in his team for the last 4 - 18 years, and all have enjoyed international training. 

Each medical assistant regularly (at least once a year) takes part in European and/or international workshops / training courses. Moreover a regular exchange of staff and knowledge takes place with renowned clinics in Europe and the USA, meaning that Dr. Feriduni's team always has the latest information and knowledge available on state-of-the-art techniques. 

Dr. Feriduni's team is multilingual, welcoming patients from the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Spain and Italy in the patient's native language. 

The head surgeon: Dr. Bijan Feriduni 

Due to Dr. Feriduni's longstanding experience and competence in the field of microsurgical hair surgery, the Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic has developed into one of the best hair clinics in Europe. 

Dr. Feriduni is one of the few European hair surgeons enjoying international recognition as a member of  the reputed IAHRS organisation. 

He is also a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. This worldwide recognition of his work is a factor contributing to the fact that Dr. Feriduni has already carried out over  6000 hair transplants (more than 1000 among these have been FUEs). 

Dr. Feriduni is an acknowledged expert in state-of-the-art techniques and one of the few experts worldwide mastering the two transplantation techniques, FUE and FUT. Bijan Feriduni has received international recognition for his work in shaping natural hairlines and achieving high hair density. But he is not only an outstanding surgeon, but also a doctor giving priority to patients' wishes and well-being. 


The medical team

Each medical assistant has gone through medical training. In addition, each one has enjoyed thorough internal training and taken part in external training courses, regularly participating in international workshops. 
Dr. Feriduni 's medical assistants have a great amount of experience in the field of hair surgery, making them experts in this field. They have in-depth knowledge of all techniques, and work in accordance with the highest international quality standards. This is the reason why they are regularly invited to international conferences, together with Dr. Feriduni, to demonstrate treatment methods. 
The administrative team 


Ann Willmots

head technician/head medical staff

Greet Martens

deputy head technician/medical assistant

Inge Mewissen

technician/medical assistant 

Petra Ceustermans

technician/medical assistant

Evi Jacobs

technician/medical assistant 
Bret Jansen
technician/medical assistant 

?Jolien Vanmuysen


The administrative team

The administrative team answers inquiries by telephone and email and takes care of all pre-, intra- and post-operation matters. They are responsible for planning and for dealing with all practical aspects associated with the planning and scheduling of a hair transplant. Sofie Aerts deals with the financial department, while Loke Smits is responsible for the marketing aspect and patient service. Cristian Marraffa is responsible for the daily office work.

Sofie Aerts
Financial & Office Manager 
Loke Smits
Marketing Manager

Cristian Marraffa
Patient Service Assistant Manager 


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