Philosophy Dr. Feriduni

The philosophy of Dr. Feriduni and his team

The patient is king - this is Dr. Feriduni's guiding principle. The agenda of Dr. Feriduni and his team is topped by the desire to provide patients with the best possible treatment, in accordance with patient wishes and at minimum risk. Any treatment starts with an intensive consultation, in which the patient is comprehensively informed about all treatment methods and alternatives.

Dr. Feriduni's holistic philosophy includes a deep-going sense for the principles of harmony and aesthetics. With a face consisting of different elements, finding the right balance is essential for our sense of beauty. Head and face are of great importance as they are what any counterpart focuses on. Long thick eyelashes and full hair underline one's aura and attractiveness. Only an experienced hair surgeon - one not just with a theoretical knowledge of the principles of harmony and aesthetics, but also with years of experience - is able to perfectly put these principles / basic ideas into practice.

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