Foundation Dr. Feriduni

The Dr. Feriduni "Foundation": Nothing to do with head, but with the heart 

" I have set up my foundation to encourage and help people who have lost part of their hair through illness, an accident or other circumstances. 
I would like to help those unable to pay for treatment to overcome their suffering and find their way back to normal life, helping them to enjoy life again. "

- Dr. Bijan Feriduni - 

Social responsibility, personal commitment and reconstructive surgery 

An initiative of Dr. Bijan Feriduni led to the setting up of a foundation in 2005, targeting adults and children who have lost part of their hair through illness, burning or scalding, radiotherapy or an accident. 

For those affected and their immediate environment, hair loss is often difficult to accept. The daily confrontation with this problem can become a real ordeal. The consequences can have far-reaching effects on the person's psyche and self-confidence. A reconstructive hair transplant can remedy such a situation. 

However, not all those affected are well off enough to be able to afford such treatment. In addition, treatment costs are not always covered by one's health insurance, meaning that hair transplants are not available to every patient, even when such treatment is often the only way of improving the overall situation. 

This is the reason why Dr. Feriduni and his team - under the auspices of the Foundation - carry out one reconstructive hair transplant a month free of charge. In doing so, they help those affected to receive treatment, providing a service going way beyond medical support. 

Below you can see a picture of one of our patients, a 6-year old boy with a burn wound. Thanks to the Foundation he was given the opportunity to receive a reconstructive hair transplant. 


Should you like to benefit from the Dr. Feriduni Foundation, please contact us. We will be glad to provide you with all necessary information.

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