for a natural look

Hair transplant surgery aims to achieve a result that is as natural as possible. In order to do this, however, we need more than the most up to date techniques.

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Visible results

Photographs and videos of patients show that modern hair transplant surgery is virtually undetectable even if you look very closely at the patient’s scalp.

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Your specialist

A specialization in very specific techniques always aims to achieve optimum solutions and results. This is the reason why Dr. Feriduni’s team is a select group of experts.

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Focus on the patient

In order to establish a basis of trust between doctor and patient, we conduct extensive one-on-one consultations where not only the patient’s needs and wishes.

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Here's what our clients are saying

"I would like to emphasize how grateful I am for the service Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic has provided. Dr. Feriduni and his staff are excellent, and I have been extremely impressed by the surgical expertise. Despite my nervousness, I felt completely at ease even after the pre-op consultation. I was very impressed with the length of time they spent with me during the pre and post reviews."


"I am very pleased with the results, I feel very young and beautiful again! I would like to thank Dr. Feriduni, and all the staff who work at the Clinic, for the amazing work and for making my stay in Hasselt a pleasant one."


"The results have given me such confidence and I'll be forever grateful to Dr. Feriduni and his staff all for the great results achieved!"


"Never, in my best dreams, I did not thought the result would be so good, choosing Dr. Feriduni as a doctor was one of my smartest decisions ever! Being a hairdresser looks are very important and my hair transplant actually changed my life, not only in the appearance but also in my confidence! I would definitely recommend everyone to use Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic’s brilliant services."


"I just love the result of my eyelash transplantation, every day when I get up, wash my face and do my make-up I look at myself into the mirror and I thank Dr. Feriduni in my mind, that I feel complete again."


"The hair transplant treatment is honestly life changing. The biggest change I've noticed is walking in the wind and not caring about my hair blowing back! You can’t imagine how great that feels. Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic did an astounding job on my hair."

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We are looking for new patients to follow up closely the first year after a hair transplant. Are you willing to participate on different postoperative studies and therefore enjoy our exclusive temporary rebate? Contact us on or call +3211299790.

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